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ARIES : (22nd March- 21st April)-Professionally, there are success and growth patterns emerging out in this week. You shall become more responsible for your work and your team members especially the ones working under you. Matters of heart shall be pleasant and romantically inclined. Finances see an upward swing during this phase of your life. Health keeps you in a fit shape though whatever efforts you make now shall help in rejuvenating your system only in times to come. A focussed attitude towards your life helps in balancing a lot of factors at the family front. Travels shall be relaxing and will create moments to celebrate and enjoy. New beginnings by the end of the week shall be growth oriented.   LUCKY DATES: 18, 19,23,24.


TAURUS (22nd April – 21st May)-Professionally things shall shape up as per your expectations all though this week. This is also a time for introspection and planning where you will be inclined to do a bit of research on your past achievements and bring in desired changes subsequently for your future needs. A woman who is single or has a dominating spirit helps you in your love matters. Financial changes are subtle and yet going positively to suit your purse. Health keeps you in a fit shape but it’s the family front that you might be a bit tired about. You might face some restrictions in your movement due to unavoidable circumstances. A man who is close to your heart helps you in your endeavours in this phase of life esp. by the end of the week.

LUCKY DATES: 18,19,21,24.

GEMINI (22nd May- 21st June)

Financial benefits shall be favourable and growth oriented. Good news can come from your investments. You need to learn to say NO to certain things or situations you don’t approve off in your love life. Professionally there are possibilities of expenses happening and work not shaping up as per your desires. Health of a woman can be a cause of concern in this week. Home bound journeys shall be favourable though the whole travel period does not seem to be as attractive as one had initially thought it to be. Keep a check on your ego and avoid travels as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES: 20,22.


CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)-Professionally there are a lot of changes taking place as the week progresses and be rest assured that all those changes are for your good. You will also want to implement few decorative changes at the place of your work. Financial growth swings upwards and shall bring in a lot of positive transitions for you in times to come. You might however feel a little let down by your loved one as the week progresses. There are also possibilities of getting stuck into some legal hassles. Health issues might surface up if not controlled in time. Sleep patterns are getting disturbed taking a toll on your health. Travels are best avoided in this week and so are any confrontations in the family matters. The week ends on a little laid back note. LUCKY DATES : 19,20.


LEO:  (22nd July-21st August)-Good news in romantic life elates your emotional quotient in this phase fo your life. Celebrations and partnerships are manifesting success and growth all around in your environment. Joint investments made in this period shall be quite favourable in times to come. Professionally, though there are subtle growth opportunities that will open up in this phase of your life. Health needs more attention and care. You might end up in a family get together or a celebration of some kind as the week progresses. Travels shall be extremely favourable and enjoyable all the week through. Expect an extremely busy week end in this week. LUCKY DATES: 18,20,22,23.


VIRGO (22nd August- 21st September)-Travels made during this period shall be extremely favourable and emotionally fulfilling. New health options and a reorientation towards your lifestyle for rejuvenating your health shall work wonders in life. This is also a week when you shall be extremely happy with the way situation are shaping up for you in your family. New beginnings and better harmony in the family helps in activating a happy zone in life. Professional events that take place now shall build up your career further. There are new growth patterns that might also emerge out Inspite of the chaotic circle that you are undergoing at present. Matters of heart might turn out to be very demanding and sometimes you might feel that you have been let down by your partner in this aspect of your life. Finances indicate average growth period. Someone will come in the front and will volunteer to help you out in your endeavours in this phase of life. The week ends on a pleasant note. LUCKY DATES : 19,21,23,24.


LIBRA (22nd September- 21st October)-Matters of heart shall be extremely pleasant and romantically inclined all through this phase of your life. A man who believes in taking actions at the right time helps you in your endeavours as the week progresses. Professionally, you shall undergo a lot of transitions in life which shall eventually boost your career opportunities. Financial insecurities are high and can cause chaos at times. Health keeps you in a fit shape. Home bound journeys shall be favourable. First half shall be way better than the latter half phase of the week. LUCKY DATES : 18,19,22.


SCORPIO (22nd October- 21st November) -Financially this is an excellent time for you to manifest success and growth in your life. Whatever moves you decide during this time shall bring in excellent gains for you all through this week and in future as well. You might socialize a lot and might mingle around with a lot of interesting people in this week. Extra hard work is required to get desired success at the work front. Health needs a lot of attention and care all through this week. Celebrations with friends and family can be a high note of this week. You might however feel at a loss as the week comes to its end. Be careful about unnecessary legal matters as they might be troublesome all through this phase of your life. LUCKY DATES :  20,22,23.


SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)-Financially this is an excellent time for you to manifest success and growth in life. There are phases of emotional drainage at the work front. Projects shall take off well only if you work in accordance of the Divine insights. Following your intuitive streaks helps you in manifesting success in life. Health keeps you in a fit shape and so does travels which shall be quite rejuvenating and enjoyable. The more you exude patience and diplomacy the better the situations turn out for you. The week ends on a happy note. LUCKY DATES : 20,21,24.


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)-Good news in matters of heart can be expected right from the beginning of the week. a youngster helps you out in your romantic endeavours. Professionally the more you learn to sublet the better the situation shall be for you. Financial drainage seems to be quite high on the cards and create anxieties in life. Health keeps you in a fit shape. Family matters shall be overbearing and demanding. Travels are best avoided in this phase of your life as few things might not give you desired results. Good news can be expected as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES: 18,19,24.


AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)-Your family is a huge support system for you and shall help in balancing a lot of burdens and hurdles that you might have to face on your own. This however, is a tough week for you as a lot of things are shaping up and you are unable to trap them accordingly. Love life can turn out to be very demanding as your attention gets diverted towards a man who has become stubborn with time. Professional restrictions are high and can cause you further anxieties. Promises made in money matters will take some more time to manifest. Health issues will be a lot demanding all through this phase of your life. Travels indicate average happiness. The latter half phase of the week shall be more pleasant and enjoyable than the first half. The more intuitive you are and the more you follow them, the better the situation in life shall be especially by the end of the week. LUCKY DATES : 22,23,24.


PISCES:  (22nd February- 21st March)-New beginnings, new growth and happiness all around you is the mantra for this week for you. Love life improves upon exponentially. Professionally you shall be happy with the way things are shaping up for you and you will achieve success through team efforts and partnerships. Financial decisions require you to be more courageous. Health keeps you in an emotionally enriched state and rejuvenates your system as the week progresses. Travels to two or more destinations shall keep confusing you further. There are possibilities of travelling to a place close to a water body. Good news knocks your door by the end of the week as a strong possibility. LUCKY DATES : 18,19, 21, 23.

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