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ARIES : (22nd March- 21st April)-Professionally you shall be in a lot of contemplative mode. There are plans that you make for your future projects all the time keeping in mind what took place in the past and all your achievements so far. Old memories flash back and create a sense of peace and happiness in your love life. You will be showered with a lot of love and attention the whole week through. Finances need better monitoring in this phase of your life. Your family supports you in all your endeavours all the week through. Health keeps you in a fit shape. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. You will win over difficult situations by the end of the week.  

LUCKY DATES:   20,21,24,25.


TAURUS (22nd April – 21st May)-Professionally this is the time when things shall start manifesting as per your expectations. Female colleagues and women with whom you share excellent emotional rapport help you in your projects. Though, this is also the phase when expenses will be incurred more on women in your life. Being in the company of children shall be extremely therapeutic. The happiness that you seek in matters of family might take some more time to manifest. Sleep patterns also get disturbed in matters of heart. Travels shall be more focussed towards your family. A youngster will demand a lot of attention from your end by the end of the week.

LUCKY DATES: 21,23,25.


GEMINI (22nd May- 21st June)-You shall come through a lot of options in harmonizing matters of your heart as the week progresses. Love life shall be peaceful and romantically inclined. New beginnings in professional life help in achieving growth and success at the work front. Financially there will be benefits and new investments when made after following your intuitive instincts helps you in further strengthening your monetary status. Homebound journeys shall be extremely pleasant and memorable. Travels otherwise also shall be favourable and enjoyable. Health has its own ups and downs and needs better monitoring. You might feel a little restless as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES:  20,21,22,24.


CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)-Emotionally you will feel content and happy being in the company of members of your family. Family gatherings and celebrations create a happy and harmonious zone in life. There are however, possibilities of anxieties in matters of heart. Shifting base or a property issues might suddenly crop up creating further anxieties in love life. Subtle positive changes can be expected in professional area. Financially, there are obligations that will demand immediate attention. Avoid any kind of manipulations in money matters. A woman guides you in your health matters. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. Subtle positive changes are expected as the week comes to its end.   LUCKY DATES :  23,24,25.


LEO:  (22nd July-21st August)-Family gatherings and get-togethers helps in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. You have everything going on for you in love life and still you might feel a little sad for some issues that you are unable to discuss with others. Confrontations are best avoided in financial matters. Professionally, the feelings of loneliness creep here as well. The Tarot guides you to speak out your thoughts and share it someone who is an expert in your field. Travels to new destinations shall be exciting and adventurous. A child might demand a lot of attention from your end as the week comes to its close.LUCKY DATES:  23,25.


VIRGO (22nd August- 21st September)-Professional success is all yours to enjoy the whole week through. Business trips shall be enjoyable and extremely successful. Matters of heart shall be full of social spree’s and meeting up with new people and making new friends. Financial success comes in easily and investments swell your monetary strengths. You exude your charming best and this helps in emotionally charging you up and in rejuvenating your health. A man who has a dynamic personality helps you in your endeavours in this week. Travels shall be favourable and home bound journeys will be blessed. LUCKY DATES : 21,22,24,25.


LIBRA (22nd September- 21st October)-Good news in matters of heart brings in moments of pleasure and romance in life. Children will be instrumental in creating a happy and harmonious zone for you. Professional patterns take a U turn and bring in a lot of changes in life. Old patterns of working wean out and give way to new ideas and plans. Financial growth will be good and investments in creative fields shall be rewarding. A woman helps you in your health endeavours. You will plan new things for your family and make fresh decisions related to their growth and success. Focussed travels shall be favourable and successful. You enter into a lot of networking and socializing spree as the week comes to its end.   LUCKY DATES : 21,22,24,25.


SCORPIO (22nd October- 21st November) -A motherly figure helps and guides you in matters of heart. Love life shall be pleasant and enjoyable. Financially, there are some decisions that needs more courageous and risk taking actions. Too rash decisions and reckless attitude might cause you anxieties in work front. One needs to be more practical in life and should base their professional decisions on it. Stress, muscular pains and bone aches are few health issues that might surface up in this week. Someone in your family shall help you and support you in all your endeavours all through this phase of your life. A fatherly figure helps you in your travel ventures. Growth and success knocks your door as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES :  20,25,26.


SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)-Subtle positive growth patterns emerge in your work area. Financially too there are subtle positive growth that is reflected in life. Matters of heart will be pleasant and romantically inclined though a little less than your expectations. Some one shall help you in your health endeavours. A man who is a glib talker helps in harmonizing your family life. Travels shall be enjoyable and travelling with loved one shall be extremely enjoyable. A lot of happiness knocks your door as the week comes to its en LUCKY DATES : 24,25,26.


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)-Matters of heart shall be romantically inclined. There will be number of options that you might come across to enhance romance in matters of your heart. New beginnings at the work front shall be successful and rewarding. You shall be appreciated for all your efforts and hard work. Financially though this seems to be a tough time and obligations will be on the higher side. Sudden developments in the latter half of the day help you in rejuvenating your heath. Your family supports you in most of your endeavours as the week progresses. Travel can be exhaustive are best avoided in this week. The week ends on a positive note where you seem to be more protective about your near and dear ones.

LUCKY DATES:  20,21,26.


AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)-Matters of heart shall be extremely pleasant and romantically inclined all the week through. This is a busy week for you and your focus shall be more on your love life. Financially, the more futuristic you are the better the investments turn out to be. Projects see the light of the day and bring in growth though you would still want from them. Subtle health improvements are foreseen as the week progresses. A youngster in the family who has a charming personality helps you in your endeavours in life. Travels made during this period shall be enjoyable, memorable and success. A man who has reached a position of strength in his life due to his hard work helps you and guides you in your life as the week comes to its end.  LUCKY DATES : 20,24,25,26.


PISCES:  (22nd February- 21st March)-Professionally, you will find a lot of growth and success in life as the week progresses. Financially there will be growth patterns that emerge only if you are more focussed and careful about your investments. Matters of heart need more love and nurturing in life. Being in the company of children shall be extremely therapeutic. A youngster in your family who has a dynamic personality helps you in your endeavours all through this phase of life. You might feel very restless while making a trip in this phase of your life. There are sudden uneasy developments that might suddenly take place as the week comes to its end. Property issues or shifting base might throw up further anxieties in life by the end of the week.

LUCKY DATES :  21,23,24.

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