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ARIES : (22nd March- 21st April)-Professional success comes in through consistent efforts and focussed attitude. Financial growth takes place as the week progresses. This is the time when you shall be focussing on what all to be done and what new investments you can look into all the time keeping in mind what you have achieved so far. Paper work, letters, text messages needs a double proof reading before being sent to your loved one lest it creates hassles later on. Health keeps you in a fit shape throughout this week. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. Your focus will be family driven by the end of the week.

LUCKY DATES:   15,16,19.

TAURUS (22nd April – 21st May)-Matters of heart turn out to be quite romantic the whole week through. You however, are entering into a phase when your relationship takes a fresh swing and brings about a lot of subtle positive changes for you in times to come. Travels turn out to be quite adventurous in this phase of your life. Financially this might seem to be a challenging week and expenses can be high due to emotional insecurities. These emotional anxieties also play a toll on your health aspects. Restriction improvements can be troublesome as far as your health is concerned. A balance in your family matters helps you in resolving most of the issues. A motherly figure might be a cause of concern for you as the week comes to its end.


GEMINI (22nd May- 21st June)-Professionally there are success stories that you will write on your wall. Accolades and honours all come through from various areas. Following your intuitive instincts helps you further in achieving success in life. New patterns and skills at your projects will bring in further gains in life. In matters of heart, one needs to put in a lot of wisdom and patience as there will be situations when you might be under the weather and might feel a little ignored as well by your partner. Avoid any major transitions in financial matters in this week. travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. New beginnings in the family will create zones of peace and harmony. The week ends on a positive note.

LUCKY DATES:  14,17,18,19.


CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)-Matters of heart shall be romantically inclined and emotionally fulfilling the whole week through. Health brings about dramatic positive changes in life. Outdoor activities help you in achieving further success in rejuvenating your health. Professional changes shall be subtle and open up more avenues for growth. Be careful about documents and communications in financial matters. Chances are that you might lose out more than you expect. Family responsibilities bind you down and travels are best avoided in this week. Soft and subtle changes occur as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES : 13,16.


LEO:  (22nd July-21st August)-Financially you shall come across a lot of opportunities and chances are that one might even expect a windfall. Health keeps you in a fit shape and health advices are much sought after. A youngster in the family known for exceptional PR skills helps you in your endeavours during this phase of life. Travels shall be successful and enjoyable. You might plan a trip to a place filled up with gardens and natural surroundings in this week. Being in the company of children shall be extremely pleasant and rejuvenating. Avoid taking any major decisions in matters of heart in this phase of your life. Your projects will tend to be extremely demanding and will drain you out of your energy levels. A woman who has dominating personality might be a cause of worries as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES:  15,17,18.


VIRGO (22nd August- 21st September)-Travels shall be extremely pleasant and favourable. Financial success knocks your door only if you act with a diplomatic and tactful approach and handle situations with dollops of wisdom and inner insights. You might feel a lot restless in work area and projects might not turn out as per your expectations. Health keeps you in a robust shape all through this phase of life. You might feel a little let down by your partner in matters of heart. One also needs to keep false rumours in check and know how to deal with them. Your family supports you in all your endeavours. You also shall indulge into a lot of shopping along with your family in this period. Redecorating your house will be quite predominant in your mind. You shall be emotionally in a very happy state as the week comes to its end. 

LUCKY DATES : 15,16,18,19.


LIBRA (22nd September- 21st October)-Old memories flash back in matters of your heart. This is a beautiful time when romance and love seeps in your life as the week progresses. You shall be showered with a lot of love and attention by your partner the whole week through. Professionally, a number of opportunities knock your door and you enter into a situation where wait, watch and then plunge into the best are the key to success. There is a divine cycle that is working in your favour at present and this will reflect positively in your financial strengths. Health of a woman will be a cause of concern in life. Youngsters and women in your life might demand a lot of attention from your end creating anxieties and unhappiness in the latter half phase of the week.   

LUCKY DATES : 13,14,15.


SCORPIO (22nd October- 21st November) -Good news knocks your door in matters of heart. This is the time when all your efforts pay their due and you feel in harmony with your environment. Love and happiness surround you as the week progresses. Financially this is the time when investments shape up as per your expectations. The more you act upon after thoughtful thinking and detailed planning the better the results shall be. Professionally there are subtle growth options that open up during this period. Health keeps you in a fit shape and joint health activities help in rejuvenating you further. Travels can be disappointing as situations turn out to be very demanding while on a journey. You shall be showered with a lot of love and attention as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES :  13,15,16,19.


SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)-Professionally, you will witness a lot of changes in your work front. You enter into new line of actions and projects are reinvented to fit into the need of the hour. Old patterns of working slowly and subtly start fading out. Financial help shall come in from many ends and investments will be rewarding. There are possibilities of bouts of loneliness in matters of your heart. Legal matters shall be tough to handle in this phase and are best avoided during this time. Wedding celebrations or family gatherings shall be pleasant and memorable. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. You seem to be involved in many activities as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES : 14,15,17.


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)-Professionally there are a lot of restrictions that you might have to witness in this period. Financial growth options open up and new investments shall be rewarding. Investments made on creative ventures will also bring in excellent gains. Emotionally you might feel a little insecure in matters of your heart. Health of a woman might be a cause of concern especially stress related issues, bone/muscular pains might get aggravated. Good news follows you up in family matters. A youngster from your family helps you in your endeavours. Travels shall be favourable and you will be in quite an energetic and go getting form while on a journey.  You will be showered with a lot of love and attention as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES:  15,17,18.


AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)-Wedding celebrations and family get-togethers shall bring in happiness and love in life. You would want to take your relationship to the nest stable levels as the week continues. Financial changes are subtle and yet reflect positive growth options. Professionally, you need to have a patient attitude in life and learn to be more flexible in your approach. Avoid being too stubborn in your projects and let it go. Delegating down some of your duties help in improving upon your growth options. Shifting base or property issues might affect your health adversely. Sudden minor windfalls can be expected from your family’s end. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. You might feel let down by someone close to you as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES : 13,18.


PISCES:  (22nd February- 21st March)-Professionally, you will gain from your present projects. This is also the time to relax back and reap on the benefits of your hard work. Financial growth options multiply and swell your bank accounts. You might feel a little let down by your loved one in matters of heart. Rumours of some sort might cause you further anxieties in life. Health of a man can be a cause of concern in this phase of life. Be careful about any sms or text message that you send to your family as there are possibilities that it might be wrongly interpreted. Travels are best avoided during this phase of your life. You enter into a contemplative mood and will plan a lot about your future as the week comes to its end.

LUCKY DATES : 14,15,19.

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