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ARIES : (22nd March- 21st April)-Professionally, there will be pleasant changes only if you agree to sublet some of your responsibilities to others. This way a lot of clarity seeps in life bringing in growth and opening up further opportunities for you. Financial matters shall be successful and investments grow as the week progresses. Outings and changes in matters of heart might be a cause of stress in this phase of life and are best avoided. Health keeps you in a rejuvenated phase. Your family shall support you in all your endeavours and will act as a pillar of strength all through your life. Travels shall be favourable and successful during this phase of life. You seem to be quite busy with your chores as the week comes to its end. Anything when decided after consulting others and with a team effort shall bring in growth and success in your life . LUCKY DATES:   8,9,10,12.


TAURUS (22nd April – 21st May)-Matters of heart will be romantic and pleasant all week through. You shall be showered with a lot of love and attention by your partner in your love life. Legal matters turn in your favour during this period. Professional news will be favourable and your juniors support you in your endeavours. Financial growth patterns emerge too as the week progresses. You will be in shopping spree and would indulge in redecorating your home in this week. Health keeps you in a fit shape and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated all through this period. Someone in your family especially an elderly man who has a dynamic personality helps you in your endeavours. Wedding celebrations and family get-togethers shall be pleasant and any trips related to it shall turn out to be emotionally uplifting. The week ends on a positive note. LUCKY DATES: 6,8,9,11.


GEMINI (22nd May- 21st June)-A woman who has an excellent knack for finances is the one who shall help you in achieving peace and happiness in matters of your heart. The more communicative and expressive you are about your feeling the better your love life turns out to be. New projects shall be growth oriented and will be emotionally satisfactory. Creative ventures shall be favourable and enjoyable. The more you do networking for your finances the better the situation shall be. Good news in health matters is sure to relax you in this phase of your life. Looking forward in life and having a futuristic approach helps you in creating more peace and happiness in family life. A motherly figure helps you in your travel ventures all through the week. Subtle positive changes can be experienced by the end of the week. LUCKY DATES:  6,7,9,11.


CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)-New beginnings in professional matters help you in achieving success and growth in life as the week progresses. Positive financial changes are sure to come during this week though a little subtle than your expectations. This is also the week when you should be more focussed towards fresh investments and new financial ideas. A man with a dominating personality in your family helps you in your endeavours during this week. Travel anxieties are high and cause you further distress and are best avoided in this phase of your life. You need to learn to take some courageous actions to overcome obstacles in your life. When you do that, you are able to overcome your setbacks and open up fresh avenues of growth. LUCKY DATES : 7,8,10.


LEO:  (22nd July-21st August)-This is an excellent phase that you enter into as far as your work is concerned. Most of your projects are shaping up as desired and you can now sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. A decision related to your love life is lingering on and you are undecided about it. The Tarot guides you to take up firm decisions and go ahead with it as success is sure to follow you up in this front. Love life shall be passionately romantic. Financial transactions need better monitoring and one needs to monitor it properly. Theft or sudden loss of money is a strong possibility in this week. Health keeps you in a fit shape. A child in the family can demand a lot of attention in your life. Also travel ventures in this week are best avoided. An extra effort from your end helps you in achieving success in your life by the end of the week. LUCKY DATES:  6,7,9.


VIRGO (22nd August- 21st September)-Your family is a huge support system for you all through this week. They will be life a pillar of strength in your life and will help you in overcoming any hindrances in life. An extra effort from your end helps you in achieving success in your travel ventures as well. You might feel a little ignored and left out in matters of your heart. Aligning along with the thoughts of your juniors helps you in achieving success in your projects. New projects might turn out to be very demanding all the week though. Expenses are high on a youngster during this phase of your life. Health of a man who has a pragmatic attitude of life can be a cause of stress. This is just a transient phase as you shall soon witness a number of opportunities opening up for you resolving most of your problems as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 10,12.


LIBRA (22nd September- 21st October)-Professionally, this is an excellent time to manifest success and growth in your projects. You will come across a number of opportunities all through this week and the best would be to wait and see which one would suit your need the best and then indulge in it. Financial growth patterns emerge and strengthen your finances all the week through. You might also be interested n buying a new property or redecorating your home. Buying furniture etc is also high on your mind in this week. Health keeps you in an emotionally high pedestal and you feel happy and energetic in life. This seeps in your romantic life too when things shape up as per your desires. Outings and journeys along with love mate shall be interesting and romantic all through the week. Family matters resolve and harmony seeps in life. You will tend to become quite a lot protective about your family and friends who travel along with you in this period. A lot of positive changes shall be witnessed the whole week through and the high point will be the week end when everything eventually falls in place as you would want them to. LUCKY DATES : 6,8,9,10,12.


SCORPIO (22nd October- 21st November) -Professionally, there are a lot of transitions that you shall witness all through this week. There are positive reflections at the work front. You decide to take up a fresh opinion on your projects and implement fresh ideas on your line of work. Old patterns and ways of working soon fade away. A balance is required from your end to enhance your monetary status. You will come across a lot of challenging times but you shall be able to overcome them as well as the week progresses. A fatherly figure helps you and blessed you in matters of your heart during this phase of your life. Health keeps you in a fit shape and a motherly figure helps and balances a lot of issues in your life sorting them out one by one. Travels are best avoided as you might undergo some insecurities and anxieties related to your journeys. Being flexible and open in your communication helps you in creating more peace and harmony in life. A youngster might be a cause of worries by the end of the week.  LUCKY DATES :  6,7,8,10.


SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)-Your family will be a huge support system for you the whole week through and will help you in bringing about a lot of positive changes shall start taking place in life. Professionally there are growth pattern emerging and business trips bring in success though you would want more from your present status. Financial growth takes place only if you decide to break the jinx and go ahead with your risk taking abilities and take up some courageous decisions in life. Sudden unpleasantness in matters of heart can be witnessed in this phase of life. This could also be related to a shifting base or distances or a property matter. Health of a child will still be a cause of anxiety in your life. You will be more in peace and shall be happy with the way things shape up as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 7,10,12.


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Old travel destinations suddenly crop up in the forefront and you decide to go ahead with them. This shall be a good idea as a lot of pleasant turn of events shall follow it up while on a journey. Professionally however, the cards guide you to be strict with your ethics as any manipulations in life can cause you further anxiety and losses. Financially too this seems to be a challenging week and a realistic approach towards life helps you in benefiting from it. A man in your life who has a practical sense of mind might cause you a lot of anxieties in love life. Health keeps you in a fit shape all the week through. Whatever efforts you make during this week shall bring in success and happiness in family life as the week progresses. Celebrations with friends and family are high on the cards as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES:  9,11,12.


AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)-Professionally there are a lot of positive reflections that start taking place in your life. The more focused you are in your work the better the results are. Business travels shall be favourable and growth oriented. Financially you shall gain in this phase of your life. Investments shall be prolific and will strengthen your monetary status. You will also be interested in investing in new schemes or might plan to invest in a property in a better locality. Being too careless in matters of heart might cause you stress and disappointments. Too much of travelling might cause you anxieties in matters of your heart. Travels shall be favourable and successful all through this phase of your life. You might also re think about travelling to new shores or changing your style of travelling altogether. Good news knocks your door as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 7,8,11,12.


PISCES:  (22nd February- 21st March)-Good news knocks your door and romance seeps in life like a breath of fresh air as the week progresses. The more action spirited you are the better the romantic quotient for you shall be. Professionally whatever transitions you plan in this week shall be prolific and successful. New projects shape up and bring in success and growth. New investments shall be rewarding and also making investments based on your intuitive instincts helps you in manifesting further success in life. Health is an area of concern and might become prone to cold- cough or seasonal flue. Travelling along with friends, family shall be enjoyable and positive. A youngster turns out to be too demanding in matters of your family. A man with an aggressive personality helps you in your endeavours as the week comes to its end.  LUCKY DATES : 6,7,8,12.

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