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ARIES : (22nd March- 21st April)

Matters of heart bring in peace and happiness in your life as the week progresses. Children shall be instrumental in creating a happy zone all around you. Financial transitions relax you as a lot of changes bring in growth and rewards. Professionally though this is not the right time to start up a new project. Clinging on to old memories will only hamper your health. Sudden travels shall be exciting. Family shall stand by you in your hour of need. Home bound journeys or outings along with members of your family shall be happy and memorable. The week ends on a very positive note. Legal matters if any turn in your favour during this phase of your life. LUCKY DATES:   14,16,18,20.


TAURUS (22nd April – 21st May)

Wedding celebrations for some of you is high on the cards. Matters of heart shall be romantically inclined and shall bring in a lot of happiness and love in life. Financial growth comes in only if you follow your intuitive instincts. Professional anxieties keep you awake at night. New health activities shall help in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. You will be in a renovating spree as far as your home front is concerned. You will also know how and what to communicate to create peace and happiness amongst members of your family. Travels are best avoided in this phase of life. A lot of transitions can be witnessed as the week comes to its end.  LUCKY DATES: 14,17,18,20.


GEMINI (22nd May- 21st June)

Good news can be expected in matters of heart as the week progresses. Financially there are few disappointments as external factors play a spoil sport in your cmfort zone. Professional obsession about your projects might hamper yoru progress in this week. the key is to delegate down some of your responsibilities and to have a flexible communication with yoru colleagues. Abdominal problems surface up in this period creating anxieties in life. Travels otherwise shall be favourable and enjoyable. However, the family matters that needs more love and nurturing. Sudden emotional outbursts from your end can cause anxieties and hurt the feelings of your family. All these are transient phase as you soon enter into a progressive zone as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES:  14,19,20.


CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)

Good news in matters of heart is surely indicated for you during this phase of your life. Professionally, there will be good changes in life though a little less than your expectations. Legal matters if any can turn out to be problematic during this week. Financial burdens and obligations can turn out to be tough in this phase of life. A family member who has dominating spirit shall help you in your endeavours of life. This is the week of life when you might feel a little restriction in your movements. Health can be a cause of concern or you in this week. Travels shall be favourable and a motherly figure helps you in this area. Sudden developments by the end of the week help you in overcoming obstacles in life .LUCKY DATES : 14,18,19.


LEO:  (22nd July - 21st August)

Financial benefits shall bring in growth and success in life. The financial focus will shift towards your family and investments will be done keeping them in mind. Health keeps you in a robust shape all week through. Family matters resolve and you soon learn to control the situations with ease and comfort. An extra effort from your end helps in resolving your professional matters too. Matters of heart bring in just about average happiness. Travels are best avoided in this week. There are possibilities of sudden disappointment in the latter half phase of the week. You will be able to overcome most of your obstacles in life as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES:  16,18,20.


VIRGO (22nd August- 21st September)

Good news is expected in matters of your heart. The more you are decisive about your relationship area the better it shall be for your love relationship. Emotionally this is an excellent week as you will be in rhythm with the growth phase and your projects shall give you boost in your career. Creative ventures shall reflect positive growth opportunities in life. Transitions in financial front shall be favourable and prolific. Financial trips shall be favourable and positive. Avoid outdoor health activities and be careful about transitional flue, cold cough etc. Reunions and family get-togethers shall be emotionally enriching and happy. A youngster might cause you a lot of anxieties in matters of heart. You might be worried about a woman who probably is undergoing loneliness by the end of the week. LUCKY DATES : 14,15,16,18.


LIBRA (22nd September- 21st October)

You will feel relaxed and shall be happy with the way things shape up in matters of your heart. Financial expansions shall be growth oriented and investments expand and bring in positive reflections. Professionally, you need to sublet some of your responsibilities to experience growth and success in life. Health brings in positive changes in life. A dominating woman helps you in resolving your family matters. Good news in your journeys is expected to fall in as the week progresses. You shall win over hearts through your charming and witty personality. The week might end in a disappointing note. Be careful about theft and sudden losses as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 14,16,17,19.


SCORPIO (22nd October- 21st November) 

Professionally a woman helps you in your endeavours the whole week through. she is someone who is practical in her outlook and promotes realistic behaviour. Financial benefits shall be achieved after a phase of hard work. Matters of heart however, need more love and nurturing in this period. You might feel restless and anxious about the way your love life is leading on to. Too much of travelling too can take a toll on your love life. A lot of options might open up for you and help you in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. This is a phase when you would want to do something good for your family. Thoughts about shifting to a better place or buying a property will be high on your mind. Wedding celebrations are also high on the cards for you as the week progresses. Travels shall be favourable and a lot of changes can be expected while in a journey. You might feel a little restless as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES :  15,16,18,19.


SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)

Financially there are a lot of changes that are coming through during this phase of your life. Unexpected help from someone is foreseen in this week as far as money matters are concerned. Professionally, there is a feeling of being let down by someone close to you. Be careful about false rumours being spread out as it can harm your growth phase. Subtle positive changes are reflected in matters of heart for some of you. Health is an area of concern and should be monitored carefully. Friends and family help you sail through your adverse situations. A fatherly figure will help you in expiating your problems as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 16,18,20.


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Professionally this is an average week when subtle growth opportunities open up for you. Financially too investments though are bringing in growth yet you expect more out of them. Health keeps you in a fit shape and you shall be full of energy and enthusiasm to overcome blockages in life. Travels are best avoided in this week. Also certain changes in your family are not as per your liking and you would want to hold on to good times. There is an energy shift taking place and you should lie low for some time to face these anxious times. The happiness that you seek in matters of heart will take some more time to get fulfilled. You might feel a little lonely in matters of your heart. Speaking out what is hurting you to someone close to your heart shall help in expiating this anxiety and restlessness in life. LUCKY DATES:  16,17.


AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)

Matters of heart shall be extremely pleasant and romantically inclined the whole week through. Wedding celebrations and family get togethers bring in moments of happiness and love in life. Professionally you need to learnt to keep a double check in any text message or documents that you write or sign upon as a minor mistake can turn out to be a tough nut to crack in later stages. Financial expenses are high and need better monitoring. Health of a fatherly figure might cause you a lot of anxiety and worries. You would know how to deal difficult situations in your family and would know to overcome the problems with ease. Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable. Situations and circumstances will turn out to be tough to handle as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 14,18,19.


PISCES:  (22nd February- 21st March)

Professionally there are successful changes that one can expect in life as the week progresses. Creative ventures shall be extremely favourable and growth oriented the whole week through. Joint investments shall be favourable and will strengthen your monetary status. Emotional anxieties are high in matters of heart and one need to keep a check in emotional outburst or blurting out things without any thought being given to them. This can affect your love life adversely. Health keeps you in a fit shape the whole week through. There are a lot of subtle transitions that you will witness in matters of your family. You need to now learn to move on to new ways of dealing with the family or a location shift shall also bring in peace and happiness in life. Avoid unnecessary confrontations as the week comes to its end. LUCKY DATES : 15,17,18.

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